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Choppin' it up with 
Ricky Potts


"Their goal is to grow the sport of golf through unconventional and fun games that can be played off the course by anyone, anywhere. Their first product to market is a Billiards Golf Table. On this episode of The Wednesday Match Play Podcast presented by MemberText, Justin Kinney gives us an overview of Golfun Games, talks about the rules of the game, how long it takes him to build a table, and all of the customization he can do. He also shares some insight on their social media content and their plans to become the governing body in this space. This was an unforgettable conversation and an honor having Justin on this show. Let's tee off." - Ricky Potts


"Thank you SO much for coming on the show. I really enjoyed learning more about you and your entrepreneurial spirit. You have what it takes to bring this concept to millions of people." - Ricky Potts

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