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What is a Billiards Golf Table?

(And answers to other questions you might have)

What is a BGT?

  • A BGT (Billiards Golf Table) is a game that combines two of the oldest sports on the planet - BILLIARDS & GOLF!

  • Both sports were invented in the 1400's and have withstood the test of time.

  • The BGT lies flat on the floor and is mobile, so it can be moved when desired. 

How did the idea for a BGT come about?

  • Our owner, Justin, was looking for ways to raise money for the nonprofit he created and came up with this game as a fun way to raise money at events. The idea was then formed to make Billiards Golf a part of Golfun Games and attempt to make it as prominent of a sport/activity as cornhole, spike ball and pickleball, all the while donating some of the proceeds to his nonprofit that virtually supports under-resourced junior golfers.

Is this the first BGT ever created?

  • Justin thought of the idea himself, but there are a few products in the marketplace that combine billiards & golf. We are confident that Billiards Golf Tables made by Golfun Games gives you your money's worth and some.

Is a BGT the same size as a regular billiards table?

  • The dimensions of a BGT are different than your standard billiards tables.

  • BGT's are 4' x 6.5', compared to 4' x 8'.

  • The pockets of BGT's are slightly larger. 

    • 7" vs 5" 

  • The dimensions have been altered this way to balance the fact that the billiards golf balls used are slightly smaller than golf balls, thus balancing the amount of challenge in the game. (We also do not want games taking an hour long!)

    • Billiards golf balls have a 1.5" diameter vs regular golf balls which have a 1.67" diameter​

Are the rules of Billiards Golf the same as regular billiards?

  • For the most part. We have made a few modifications of the rules established by the UPA (United States Professional Poolplayers Association) for each of the types of billiards games that can be played. Rules will be finalized by the Billiards Golf Association by 1/1/23.

    • Examples of some rule modifcations:

      • If the cue ball is touching a bumper, you can move it 4 inches straight from the bumper.

      • The rack of balls to break are placed at mid-table to allow for a stronger break.

Can I use my own putter?

  • Absolutely! But, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND, ENCOURAGE AND DEMAND that you protect the billiards golf balls and your putter by placing a felt strip on the blade of your putter.

What is the typical turnaround time to receive my BGT?

  • STANDARD MODEL = 2-3 weeks to receive it

  • SUPREME MODEL = 3-4 weeks to receive it

What is Golfun Games' return policy on BGTs?

  • If you are unsatisfied with your BGT for any reason, we will work with you to fix it or guarantee your money back within 30 days upon receiving it. 

Is there a Pro League? Amateur Leagues?

  • Yes to both! We have created the Billiards Golf Association (BGA) to organize and run both professional and amateur leagues, tournaments & events to begin in 2023.

  • For more information on joining, information will be available after 1/1/23.

  • If you'd like to get involved as a host venue or sponsor, please reach out to us here.

Why should I join the Golfun Games email list?

  • We will be offering specials, raffles, discounts and giveaways to those on our email list. We will also alert our email subscribers to new products. We have a number of awesome games in our pipeline to release throughout 2023. You can join our email list here.

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